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From TV shows to dinnerware lines, these individuals are doing big things.

Nadia Haddad

This independent designer seems to have eye-catching projects popping up all the time on Instagram and Design Sponge, not to mention her previous work with Commune Design in L.A. on swank spaces such as the Ace Hotel. Having traveled and lived in the south of France and the Middle East, Nadia Haddad infuses a certain level of worldly cool into residences, shops, and restaurants, including The Kenwood and CafĂ© Maude. “My dad is Syrian and I’m very close to that culture,” she says. The textures, smells, community, it’s all very different than the Midwest.” Haddad keeps an eye on vintage, thrift, and upcycling as often as possible; she uses “pieces with soul in it,” as she did at Shop Mille in Southwest Minneapolis where one person walking by commented that the store looked magical. Now moving into the residential realm, Haddad credits Lucy Penfield for giving Haddad her first residential job in 2006 when she wandered into her studio. “Lucy is really giving; I learned a lot from her on residential and she opened my eyes that it could be bigger than commercial,” Haddad says. “I really love the relationship you have with someone while working on their house. In restaurants you’re creating an atmosphere to enjoy, in residential you’re creating an atmosphere to live.”

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