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Nan & Steele Arundel

Minneapolis yards have been feeling the love of Nan and Steele Arundel ever since they tacked up flyers around the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes in 2006 to advertise their new gardening business, fittingly named Landscape Love. “Steele had never picked up a shovel in his life,” teases Nan, who’s had a green thumb since she was a little girl. Seven years later, the couple is married, long past the growing pains of entrepreneurship, and business is booming. “We get bigger every year,” says Steele. “But we never want to get to the point where we’re not digging in the dirt.” This is good news for clients who hire the pair for their striking New American style, keen eye for color, and beautiful stonework, as much as their down-to-earth personalities—the Arundels have befriended many clients along the way. And when our minuscule Minnesota growing season is over, this happy duo migrates to warmer climes: Mexico or San Francisco, where last winter they spent two months on a residential project. But this coming winter they might hibernate with a new baby, due in December.

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