The People

From TV shows to dinnerware lines, these individuals are doing big things.

Danny Perkins & Drew Levin

Meet the fresh faces of HGTV’s newest show, Renovate to Rent. When Magnetic Productions wanted a remodeling show with a rental spin they found the real thing in Minneapolis. College roommates turned business partners, Danny Perkins (left, a contractor) and Drew Levin (right, a real estate agent) had been managing several rentals when the local network approached them about a pilot. TV had not been on their radar, but the pair felt comfortable doing what they know—fixing up homes and discussing the details. “No matter what, if you put Dan and I together we’re going to start talking work,” Levin says. After leaving the University of Florida, the pair moved to L.A. and created a social tech start-up that fizzled in a pre-Facebook world. Craving something more tangible than technology, they moved to Levin’s native Minnesota where they bought their first property. Though no longer roommates, these guys are inseparable. “You dream of working with your best friend and I think one reason why we’ve been successful is that we take our work very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously,” Perkins says. Now with 52 rental properties, a full-time employee, expanding business ideas, and a TV show, they've grown to love the camera. “It’s pretty cool and it fits in with what we’re doing,” Levin says. “But we’re business men before we’re TV stars—you won’t see Danny and I hosting Dancing With the Stars down the road.”

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