The Library Suite

  • Rendering by Sarah Leahy
  • Photo By Becca Sabot
    Dragon's Breath
  • Photo By Becca Sabot
    Light Fixture from Tapis Decor
  • Photo By Becca Sabot
    Faux Fur Throw from Design Professionals
  • Photo By Becca Sabot
    Emerson et Cie Daybed from Francis King Ltd.
  • Photo By Becca Sabot
    Statues from Zachary Ltd.
  • Photo By Becca Sabot
    Lamp from Tapis Decor
  • Photo By Becca Sabot
    Fireplace Surround from Cambria in Laneshaw

“The palpable quietude and refined presence of each element are memorable components of Twist Interior Design’s work.”

~ Sandy LAMendola, ASID

For the library suite, interior designers Sandy LaMendola and Sarah Leahy created a serene, mysterious, and ethereal retreat. Inspired by a vision of guests enjoying music, literature, and other relaxing intellectual pursuits against an intriguing and beautiful backdrop, the designers developed an array of powerful visual elements that speak with a quiet aes-thetic voice.

When an absence of sufficient original bathroom tile challenged the designers’ vision, LaMendola and Leahy collaborated with homeowners Andy and Whitney Blessing to develop a thoughtful solution.

By combining clean forms with exquisite aged finishes, the designers highlighted the material and spirit combinations of the space to blur the distinction between past and present to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the Blessings’ guests.

What We Love

The distinctive mix of comfortable furniture, beautiful lamps, and unique accessories.


  • Daybed by Emerson et Cie from Francis King Ltd.
  • Side table from Hickory Chair
  • Accent table, chairs and ottoman, console, custom lamp, closet light, and hammock, all by designer
  • Accent table by J. Alexander from AJ Maison
  • Accent table by Century from Design Professionals
  • Statues by Unique Stone from Zachary Ltd.
  • Lamp and chandelier by Bradley-Hughes from Tapis Décor
  • Mirror by Glass Art Design and Nash Frame Design
  • Bookcase by Millcreek
  • Iron vanity by Architectural Iron
  • Rugs from Legacy Looms
  • Art by Bradley-Hughes from Tapis Décor
  • Sconces by Robert Abbey from Lappin Lighting
  • Decorative finishes by Aurora Decorative Finishes and 3D Interiors
  • Rice bin by Patio from C.W. Smith
  • Bamboo ladder from Indigo
  • Countertops by Cambria
  • Cabinetry by Eull Woodworks
  • Hardware from Pipeline Supply
  • Tile from Rubble Tile
  • Fireplace from Twin City Fireplace & Stone Co.

Meet the Designers


Sandy LaMendola
Twist Interior Design, 612-338-1588,


Sarah Leahy
Twist Interior Design, 612-338-1588,

The Blessing Family

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2013 ASID Showcase Home: Master Sitting Room

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A serene and sumptuous prelude to the master bedroom is the creation of Linda Gerace-Skinner.

2013 ASID Showcase Home: Master Suite

The Master Suite

The Blessings' bedroom gets an organic and geometric union of elements by Kimberly Herrick.

2013 ASID Showcase Home: Children's Bathroom

The Children's Bathroom

A bathroom full of whimsy and character arose from the partnership of Lori Handberg and Diane Lumpkin.

2013 ASID Showcase Home: Upstairs Kitchen

The Upstairs Kitchen

The homey effect from a sloped ceiling is extended through vintage-style decor by Mary Maney.

2013 ASID Showcase Home: Laundry/Craft Room

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2013 ASID Showcase Home: Freya's Bedroom

Freya's Bedroom

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2013 ASID Showcase Home: Family Room

The Family Room

The family room becomes a private retreat with intriguing angled ceilings, designed by Ethan Allen.

2013 ASID Showcase Home: Weston's Bedroom

Weston's Bedroom

Earth tones and some fun fox fabric by Rob Edman and Laura Engen welcome young Weston to his room.

2013 ASID Showcase Home: Gwyneth's Bedroom

Gwyneth's Bedroom

A sweet space for the Blessings' oldest daughter (and an amazing view), designed by Katie Lewis and Angie Picotte.

2013 ASID Showcase Home: Wine Cellar

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The wine cellar becomes a place for tasting and drinking thanks to Rena Feldman and Kristen Veenstra.

Andrew Nelson, Andy Blessing

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What the Designers Say

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Junior League of Saint Paul and Cathedral Hill Montessori School

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