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The New Luxury

As the economy begings to show signs of new life, local design professionals are welcoming the return of a wiser and more thoughtful luxury.

What Interior Designers are Saying

Maureen Haggerty



“Luxury is no longer about abundance, opulence, and how much money you can spend. Today, luxury is about making smart, purposeful decisions about the way you want to live.”
Maureen Haggerty, Allied ASID
Mint, Inc.

Maureen Haggerty designed a wealth of display space for her client's collections.


“Overall, I find that people are much more cautious about spending money. At the same time, my clients understand the value of quality design and recognize that it actually saves money over time.”


“My clients are asking for ‘command central’—drop zones for iPhones, iPads, and iPods—plus in-floor heating, low-VOC paints, natural textiles, and other sustainable products.”


“I’m working with clients on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, Interlachen Boulevard in Edina, Bearpath in Eden Prairie, as well as in North Oaks and Turtle Lake and Chetek, Wisconsin.”


“I continue to use timeless, tried-and-true materials such as natural stone, Venetian plaster, saturated paint colors, and classic tiles. I also love statement textiles with lush trimmings and tailored window treatments, distinctive wall coverings, and elegant rugs.”


“Whether my clients want a single room or an entire home, they’re asking for interiors that make them feel refreshed, renewed, and replenished. This is the new luxury.”


Lucy Penfield» ON LUXURY

“For me, luxury is quieter, softer, and less showy than ever before. It’s about the luxury of time and balance in life. It’s also about gathering with friends and family to laugh and share life through story. It’s not about what we have, but how we feel.”
Lucy Penfield, Allied ASID
Lucy Interior Design


“Whether our clients are building a new house or remodeling an older home, they’re patient, disciplined, and committed to good design, which requires thoughtful consideration and discussion among the architect, builder, client, and designer.”


“Most of our clients want beautiful furniture and luxurious fabrics that stand the test of time. They’re willing to wait 12 to 16 weeks for custom higher-end furniture, because they know it’s so worth the wait. Other clients who just want a design pick-me-up are fine with ready-to-order furniture at a good price, even if they know that they may have to replace it later.”


“We love the purity of linens from Italy or Belgium, wools from Scotland, and fresh, crisp cotton prints. For a little glam, we love a luxurious Trevira for drapery and the plushness and authenticity of a rich mohair for a sofa.”


“Our clients want comfortable, pretty gathering rooms that can be moved around, changed, and repurposed, as well as new bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.”

Andréa Dixon and Jen Ziemer


“More and bigger is no longer what people are aspiring to. Our clients are choosing to spend their money on high-end quality pieces that they truly love and that mean something to them. They’re thinking of furniture as heirlooms to pass down to their children.”
Andréa Dixon, CKD
Jen Ziemer, Allied ASID
Fiddlehead Design Group

Andréa Dixon and Jen Ziemer designed the small but chic powder room.


“Between the Internet, design books, and magazines, our clients are more educated than ever. Most of them have already done their research before they meet with us. They’re using Pinterest and Houzz to organize their thoughts and build a wish list. Their tear-sheet files are huge!”


“What’s exciting about all our clients is that they value design and understand the impact it has on their lives. As a result, they’re much more involved in the design process than they used to be. Instead of ‘here’s my budget, now go do it,’ they’re collaborating with us at every step of the way.”

Jaque Bethke» ON MONEY

“The refreshing part of this ‘new economy,’ to coin a Wall Street phrase, is that people are just more thoughtful about spending and how their choices affect others.”

Jaque Bethke, Allied ASID
Pure Design Environments


“The luxury mindset has changed. It’s not about how much you spend on any one thing, it’s about how thoughtful you are in your spending. If a service or product is unique, innovative, and has an inherent value that will enhance your life, the price is less important.”


“Our clients are looking for rooms as individual as they are. As long as the environment is right, the cost per square foot is less of a priority than the enjoyment of the space.”


“Our clients want solutions that are efficient, easy to use, and portable. They love being able to use technology to communicate, manage their schedules, and control their homes from wherever they are.”


“Technology allows consumers to interface with architects, designers, and suppliers globally. As a result of Houzz and other design sites, we’re working nationwide in places we’ve never directly marketed to.”


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