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The New Luxury

As the economy begings to show signs of new life, local design professionals are welcoming the return of a wiser and more thoughtful luxury.

luxury home

What Architects are Seeing

We asked local architects, builders, remodelers, interior designers, and landscape designers for their perspective on luxury.


“Our clients aren’t house jumping. They’re thinking about where they want to live in 10 and 20 years or even for the rest of their lives. One couple is happily giving up their cabin up north in order to design a ‘home resort’ so that they can see their kids and grandkids more often.”
Charles Stinson, AIA
Charles R. Stinson Architects 

Styled by Sharon Seitz. Furnishings from HISTORIC Studio.


“The most money is being spent on kitchens, followed by master bathrooms. Instead of media rooms, computer rooms, exercise rooms, and basement entertainment rooms with separate bar rooms, clients are looking for fewer, smaller, and better-quality multiuse spaces for entertaining, doing homework, and watching TV.”
Bruce Knutson, AIA, president
Bruce Knutson Architects


“Our clients are thinking further into the future than ever before. We have clients in Germany who want to know exactly how many BTUs per square foot it will take to heat and cool their house. They’re willing to ‘pay it forward’ with geothermal, green roofs, and other solutions to keep energy costs down in the future.”
Charles Stinson, AIA
Charles R. Stinson Architects

Andrea Peschel Swan» ON MONEY

“Clients are more discreet about how they’re spending their money. They’re willing to invest more time into planning and exploring their options in order to obtain the best value in terms of quality and cost.”
Andrea Peschel Swan, AIA
Swan Architecture

Shingle-style home in Edina designed by Andrea Peschel Swan and built by Elevation Homes; sketch courtesy of Swan Architecture; Home photos by Steve Henke; Andrea Peschel Swan photo by Melinda Nelson


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