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The New Luxury

As the economy begings to show signs of new life, local design professionals are welcoming the return of a wiser and more thoughtful luxury.

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Hallmarks of the New Luxury

We asked local architects, builders, remodelers, interior designers, and landscape designers for their perspective on luxury.


"Our clients feel that the time is now. They're seeing a recovery to the recession, and they're realizing that there are good buys in the finest locations."
Bob Carlson, president
Jyland Construction Management


"People want to be good stewards of their money and not waste money on things that are only for show or will rarely get used. But once they commit to a project, they're not afraid of quality, even if it's sometimes at a higher price."
Rick Hendel, owner
Hendel Homes

Charles Stinson» THOUGHTFUL

"More than ever, luxury is the desire and the time to be thoughtful about how and where you want to live."
Charles Stinson, AIA
Charles R. Stinson Architects


"I think that people are nesting deeper and more profoundly than they did before. More than ever, I find that our clients are looking at their outdoor environment as a way to spend time with family and close friends and enjoy our amazing seasons, all of which feeds the soul in a very real way."
Jim Sweeney, founder and senior designer
Mom's Landscaping & Design


"Instead of expensive exterior materials and details, our clients are asking for low-cost, low-maintenance materials such as James Hardie fiber cement siding and heavy asphalt shingles."
Bruce Knutson, AIA, president,
Bruce Knutson Architects


"When our clients know that they are getting a good, fair value, they are more comfortable about spending money on things they want. They are not being excessive, but they still want nice things."
Tony Sonnen, managing partner
Gonyea Homes

Home by Charles Stinson, AIA, Charles R. Stinson Architects; built by Streeter & Associates; Interiors by CRS Interiors; Photos by Paul Crosby


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