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The New Luxury

As the economy begings to show signs of new life, local design professionals are welcoming the return of a wiser and more thoughtful luxury.

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Now that the home industry is showing signs of new life, local design pros are welcoming the return of a wiser and more thoughtful luxury. We asked local architects, builders, remodelers, interior designers, and landscape designers for their perspective on luxury.

Hallmarks of the New Luxury

"More than ever, luxury is the desire and the time to be thoughful about how and where you want to live."—Charles Stinson, AIA, Charles R. Stinson Architects

What Architects are Seeing

"Clients are more discreet about how they're spending their money.  They're willing to invest more time into planning and exploring their options in order to obtain the best value in terms of quality and cost."—Andrea Peschel Swan, AIA, Swan Architecture

What Builders and Remodelers are Saying

"Luxury is less about opulence and more about personal enjoyment. Our clients are less concerned about resale. Instead, they're refining, repurposing, and enhancing their living spaces for themselves."—Brian Jones, President, Jones Design Build

What Interior Designers are Saying

"Luxury is about making smart, purposeful decisions about the way you want to live."—Maureen Haggerty, Allied ASID, Mint, Inc.

What Landscape Designers are Saying

"Our clients understand the architectural essence of their homes, and they want landscaping, gardens, and outdoor rooms that reflect the authenticity of the style, whether that's French, Italian, English, or classic American."—Andrew Kruger, Owner and Designer, Gray's Landscaping