Teenage Dream

Yes, high school style can translate into a bedroom even parents can love (or live with).

  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Add something tailoredplus sophisticated colors and patternto keep it clean and not too cutesy.
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Headboard ($1,165), from The Sale Room at International Market Square,
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Nightstand ($2,355), from Hickory Chair,
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Bench ($1,500), custom from Francis King Ltd.,
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Bedding Comforter ($150), from Pine Cone Hill,; pink Simply Shabby Chic sheets ($26.99-$56.99) and navy Threshold microplush blanket ($29.99), both from Target,; denim shams by Tommy Hilfiger ($100 each), from Macy’s,
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Throw Pillows “Hello” ($29), from Pottery Barn Teen,; patterned pillows ($360 each), from KDR,
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Lamp Base ($37.99) and shade ($22.99), also from Target
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Accessories Alarm clock ($10) and peace sign ($19.99), also from Target; peace fingers ($12.99), blue vase ($14.99), storage box ($12.99), and “Laugh Out Loud” sign ($16.99), all from Home Goods,; artwork by Jil Evans from Hickory Chair
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Extras Room and millwork by Pillar Homes,
  • Photo By Stephanie Colgan
    Paint Folk Art, from Benjamin Moore,

Spring trends:
Denim on denim, neon, neutrals, and floral! “Grandma’s couch” floral prints are spreading like weeds even on footwear!

0313-Teenage_200.jpgTHE OUTFIT

Jeans ($44.95), from American Eagle • Sweater ($44.95), from American Eagle • Shoes ($59), by Rachel Ashwell, from TOMS, • Shirt ($69.50), from Madewell, • Scarf ($24.95), from American Eagle • Backpack ($150), from Duluth Pack, • Headphones ($49.99), by Zumreed, from • Nail polish ($8), from Urban Outfitters, • Bracelets ($8.99 for set), from Target, • Model: Lucy—Perpich Arts High School • Hair & Makeup: Tia Cartwright with Wehmann Models & Talent

The Room

To create our bedroom we turned to a designer with two teens of her own. Taking her cues from our free-spirited model (a student at an arts high school), renée leJeune hallberg pulled together a pretty room with a bit of edge.

Hallberg’s goal was to create a room based on the preppy/modern outfit that was cool enough for a teenage girl but also mom-approved. “A gal in one showroom said, ‘Renée—you gotta get bitchier!’ But in the end I thought, ‘No, this would be my house.’”

When she was done, her 18-year-old daughter, Greta, gave the room a vote of approval. She loved the peace sign, graphic elements, Ikat prints, denim on denim, and bright colors.

“I’m pretty good about letting my kids do what they want, but then again, Greta’s never challenged me,” Hallberg says.

Lessons learned: A little edge goes a long way; mixing patterns and colors requires experimentation; and let kids express the ideas but remember, it is your house.

The Translation

The headboard and nightstand are a nod to the gritty, urban feel of concrete. Gray is a nice neutral with enough of an edge to appeal to teens.

Our model donned TOMS by Rachel Ashwell and we couldn’t help but wonder about the new wave of Shabby Chic. Hallberg’s tip: “Add something tailored to keep it clean and not too cutesy.” She layered floral bedding from Pinecone Hill—including a sheet over the window seat!—with navy, balancing sweet and feminine with sophisticated and modern.

This is the perfect room to pump up your palette—here it’s pinks, blues, and turquoise (like the headphones). Modern dots, Ikats, and chevrons balance florals and throw pillows are a fast and easy way to evolve a room as kids grow up.

Teens and jeans are a no-brainer. Here dark chambray shams and inky Ikat are spot-on elements.

Typography and graphic elements are on trend, and teens instantly respond to words and signs like“Hello,” “LOL” (that’s Laugh Out Loud), and anything peace-related. Abstract art might also strike a chord and sure beats posters.