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Behold the Bathroom

For many homeowners, a new bathroom is both a luxury and an imperative, as well as an easy way to get started on a long-term remodeling project. Between tired, broken tile and chipped grout, clunky Jacuzzi tubs, poor ventilation, and limited storage space, many older bathrooms are sorely in need of a facelift.

Before you begin, spend some time in one of the many local showrooms, such as the Tile Shop and RBC Tile, where you’ll find stunning glass and stone mosaics and exotic Moroccan-inspired tiles. At Pipeline Supply and Ferguson Kitchen and Bath, discover high performance steam showers with music and colored light therapy, oxygen-rich hydrotherapy baths, low-volume toilets with heated seats and self-closing lids, and other ideas for transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary for cleansing the body, relaxing the mind, and restoring the spirit.

Beautiful Bathroom Trends

LED Lighting

For master bathrooms that require top-quality lighting, Kim Kuerbs of Citilights recommends LED lights which are brighter than halogen bulbs but generate less heat. For powder rooms, Kuerbs loves creating drama and impact with crystal chandeliers.

Natural Stone Alternatives

Artisans at Pipeline Supply are crafting custom sinks, counter tops, tubs, and more from Genistone, a cost-effective, natural stone alternative that can be poured and installed on site. Surfaces can be textured and colored to match any d├ęcor, whether your taste is classical, rustic, or contemporary.

Oversized Wall Tile

For a more modern, streamlined look, Megan Hoy, marketing director of the Tile Shop, recommends replacing small bathroom tiles with larger tiles. “They require less grouting, which creates a streamlined look and makes small bathrooms feel larger. Plus, they’re super easy to clean.”

Porcelain Tile

For floors, Tarry Logsdon of RBC Tile loves vein-cut travertine porcelain, which costs less than stone. For clients who love the appearance of wood but not the upkeep, porcelain tiles that look like wood are a beautiful, low-maintenance option for walls and floors.

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