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Specialties: Ophthalmology

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Surgeons Omar Awad and Matthew Sharpe of LasikPlus can help you achieve 20/20 vision or better. LasikPlus offers customized, 100%-bladeless, LASIK. Our all-laser LASIK technology allows us to provide a more comfortable experience and an unmatched level of precision. LasikPlus proudly serves Minneapolis with offices in Edina, Maple Grove, and Oakdale.

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Insurance Providers Accepted:

LasikPlus accepts most health and vision plans. For a complete list of providers, visit our website at

Lasik Plus Locations:

Oakdale LasikPlus Vision Center
Oakdale Village
8344 3rd Street North
Oakdale, Minnesota 55128

Matthew R. Sharpe, M.D.
Omar Awad, M.D.

Maple Grove LasikPlus Vision Center
7767 Elm Creek Blvd. Suite 140
Maple Grove, Minnesota 55369

Matthew R. Sharpe, M.D.
Omar Awad, M.D.

Edina LasikPlus Vision Center
3300 Edinborough Way Suite 412
Edina, Minnesota 55435

Matthew R. Sharpe, M.D.
Omar Awad, M.D.
Michael Richie, M.D. - MSP