Merry, Jean W.


Specialties: Cosmetic Dentists, General Dentists

From Merry, Jean W.

At Merry Dental Care Center we get to know our patients, treating them as though they are family. The unique ambience of the office feels more like a friendly spa than a dental clinic. Our business has an absolute integrity and many of our patients (and employees) have mentioned how much they appreciate our ethics and trust us completely.  We treat smiles of all ages and offer a wide variety of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental options.  Dr. Jean Merry prides herself in staying current in the latest research and technology and has a special focus on prevention. We apply that knowledge to each individual patient and their specific concerns taking care to listen and respond. We inform each patient of their situation and teach them the facts that will help improve their oral health and offer appropriate solutions.  As an office we remember the proverb; “Act with kindness. People return with good to the place that has done them well.”

Insurance Provided:

Delta Dental Premier, Medica, Health Partners, and plans utilizing the Premier Dental Group Network.