Top Doctors

Top Doctors 2013

Innovators, Groundbreakers, Top Doctors.

Art by Cameron Wittig and Randall Nelson

Since the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality began ranking states in 2006, Minnesota has been in the top three for overall quality of health care. The way our Top Doctors push for medical innovation drives that ranking, keeping the Twin Cities on the cutting edge on many fronts: high-tech advancements, patient care, treatment strategies, and research.

All in the Wrist

How radial artery angiograms can eliminate hospital stays.

Cold Medicine

Exploring a new, faster way to treat strokes—using hypothermia.

Critical Timing

Teaching future ICU doctors.

Mother Baby Connection

Cross-specialty integration improves outcomes for high-risk pregnancies and premature babies.

Patient Portals

Technology can help fast-track care for patients with rapidly degenerative diseases.

Power of Suggestion

Empathy is the way to get you to make those terribly mundane lifestyle changes.

T-Cell Breakthrough

The amazing super cells in cord blood may be the key to curing HIV.

The Da Vinci Mode

Robotic surgery can radically change prostate cancer outcomes.