Top Doctors

Top Doctors 2011

Our 15th Edition

For this special edition of Top Doctors, we took a close look at our list throughout the years, which represents some of the best minds in Twin Cities medicine.

The list has certainly grown—our first edition in 1992 included 250 doctors, while this year’s features more than 500—but some things remain the same, including one of this year’s cover models, Dr. Barbara Bowers, who appeared on our first Top Doctors cover in 1992.

But the most astonishing common thread throughout the years is the 30 doctors who have appeared on the list every time we’ve published it. We’ve dubbed them our Honor Roll, and for this issue we spoke to many of them about their careers, their specialties, and what being a doctor means to them.

In the process, we found a talented group of specialists who delight in their work and have a passion for doing what doctors do best: caring for their patients.

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The Honor Roll

Meet our Top Doctors Honor Roll—made up of the 30 members who have appeared in every edition.

We Asked. They Answered.

Our Honor Roll docs talk about their careers, specialties, and the changing medical landscape.

Anatomy of an Honor Roll Top Doc

These 30 doctors have more in common than just appearing on our list every year. Here's a breakdown.

Honor Roll Medical Advice

We asked some of our Top Docs what medical advice they wish everyone knew and here are their words of wisdom.

How is Top Doctors created?

Frequently asked questions about the Top Doctors process.