Turning Back the Clock

Nancy Norling, DDS, Dr. Nancy Norling Dentistry


Why doesn’t my smile look as great as it did when I was in my twenties?
Your teeth change as you age. There’s nothing quite like worn down teeth and ageing restorations for wiping the smile off your face. These are the problems that can sneak up on anyone, even those who take excellent care of their oral health. Teeth grinding, clenching, cracks and craze lines along with fillings and other restorations that have worn out their welcome can age your smile The solution is to pinpoint the cause and determine the procedures that will make the biggest difference.

What can I do to make my teeth look better?
Fortunately the signs of wear, tear, and time on your teeth can be much easier to reverse than you might imagine.

Many times simple bleaching procedures can give you the boost that you are looking for. Over time your teeth’s protective enamel thins, becoming less white and more prone to stains. Smoking and consuming beverages like colas, teas and red wine will leave their telltale signs. Bleaching may be the answer if your teeth tend to be more yellow in color. If your teeth tend to look brown it means that both internal and external changes are responsible for the discoloration and your results from bleaching won’t be as dramatic. With this type of discoloration you may need to consider bonding or veneers.

What if my teeth need more help than bleaching?
Teeth can shorten due to normal wear or because of excessive grinding and clenching creating worn and irregular edges. Cracks and craze lines start to appear which pick up stains leading to a dull, dingy appearance. The edges of your teeth may become translucent and brittle from the foods and drinks you consume or from gastric reflux or other diseases that raise the acid level in your mouth. All of these issues can add years to your smile and to your face. Porcelain Veneers are an ideal choice to treat teeth that are worn, chipped, or discolored from root canal treatment, tetracycline stain or other drugs. In some cases they can be used to correct minor rotations. Porcelain veneers are thin durable laminates that can add back length and change the shape and contours of your teeth giving you the fuller softer look that you had when you were younger.

A simple composite bonding procedure could help to restore a chipped edge or fill a space (diastema) between your teeth. A bit of contouring to round and soften edges can even make your smile more youthful.

Replacing stained dark fillings and aging restorations with more modern restorative materials can brighten up your smile.

How do I know what to do to improve my smile?
Every individual is unique and every smile should be too! The first step is to seek expert advice on what changes would be the most appropriate for you. Careful diagnosis should address both aesthetics and function assuring lasting results that create a healthy attractive smile reflecting nature at its best. In many cases we can show you what a change could look like and help you to decide if that change is right for you.

We have so many reasons to smile...isn’t it time to put your smile back on?

Nancy Norling, DDS
Dr. Nancy Norling Dentistry


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