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Your Inner Superhero

Whole body fitness at every age.

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Illustrations by Hannah Johnson

Twin Cities medical specialists share how exercise keeps your eyes, heart, and joints in tip-top shape.

Last month, many well-meaning Minnesotans resolved to make 2014 their year to get fit. Maybe you were one of them. If you’re still breaking a regular sweat, kudos! But if the old “eat right, exercise often, and get your beauty sleep” routine is already feeling as drab as our February weather, here’s some refreshing food for thought: Exercise doesn’t just whittle your waistline—it helps every cell in your body to work better. This means more energy, better vision, greater cardiovascular health, stronger bones, and a heightened ability to prevent and fight illness, disease, and even aging itself. Basically, it gives you superpowers.

We asked Twin Cities cardiologists, ophthalmologists, and orthopedists to give us the in-depth scoop on how exercise benefits your heart, eyes, muscles, bones, and joints. The proof is in many of their patients who’ve cleared health hurdles and are now passionate about maintaining wellness. Twin Cities, it’s time to get our fitness on—superhero capes optional.

Exercise for: Your Muscles, Bones, and Joints

Exercising your joints helps them stay stronger, longer. We found some fairly convincing proof.

Graphic of an eye

Exercise for: Your Eyes

Regular physical exercise helps eye health—who knew?!

Graphic of heart

Exercise for: Your Heart

Getting serious about a workout regimen can do more than just improve the quality of your life—it could save it.

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Resource Guide

Ready to get serious about your health? We've got a guide to the docs you'll need to get to know.