Ballet-Inspired Workouts

Get the results you want by hitting the barre instead.

Photos by Stephanie Colgan
Teachers from Pure Barre and students at The Barre feel the burn.

”Up an inch. Down an inch. Up an inch. Down an inch.” Spend one hour performing a ballet-inspired workout, and you’ll come to both loathe and love these four simple words.

Nearly one year ago, you would have had to travel outside Minnesota for the coveted long and lean effects of a barre workout, but now studios and classes are popping up all over the Twin Cities.

“I’ve always known once barre hit Minneapolis, it was going to be huge,” says Kelsey Rood, co-owner of Pure Barre Minneapolis. “It’s such an active town and such a transformational workout, it was only a matter of time.”

It appears that time is now. Pure Barre, the first franchised studio to hit the Twin Cities, opens this month in St. Louis Park. Meanwhile, independent studios such as The Barre in Wayzata have opened, and fitness facilities such as Align Pilates and Time Out Studio have implemented barre classes into their schedule.

Why all the fuss over something that’s seemingly as straightforward as a ballet class? “It changes the shape of your body dramatically and quite quickly,” says Jeanne Schmit, owner of Time Out Studio. Using arm weights, a ballet barre, and floor mats, your body will shake and quiver for 60 minutes while burning calories and fat. Plus, the small isometric movements make it manageable for just about anybody.

“I had no training in dance, and I was never very flexible,” says 49-year-old Robin Cornacchio, who previously worked in sales before trading in her suits for leggings and tanks as co-owner of Pure Barre Minneapolis. “But after a few weeks, it made a huge difference in my body.”

Class technique varies from studio to studio, but with the proper alignment and form, the principles of the workout are the same: Your thighs will burn, your arms will ache, your abs will tremble, and, as a result, your body will look better than ever—trust us.


Where to Try It:

• Pure Barre Minneapolis, 5620A W. 36th St., St. Louis Park, purebarre.com

• The Barre, 539 E. Lake St., Wayzata, 952-473-0109, thebarrestudio.com

• Time Out Studio, 6001 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls., 612-866-0832, mytimeoutstudio.com

• Align Pilates, 3021 Holmes Ave. S., Mpls., 612-343-7500, alignpilates.com