What Women Need

Across the medical community, women weigh in on the past, present, and future needs of women facing illness.

What Women Need

“In the past two decades, more research has been done on healing of the total person and not just the disease. The results have supported improved treatment outcomes, better quality of life, and the recognition of so much yet to learn. Women are more educated about alternative choices, encouraged to find what works best for them as an adjunct to their current treatment plan, and make a conscious decision as to how they want the process to flow.
—Donna Block, MD, MBA, Physician, Clinic Sofia OBGYN, PA

“More women are open to a total-body wellness approach than ever before. Women dealing with life-threatening illness need coaching and guidance—somebody to talk to. Not only are they fighting for their lives, but they are consumed with concern for those around them—their spouse, family, and other loved ones.”
—Dr. Vivi-Ann Fischer, Chief Clinical Officer, ChiroCare

“The physical aspects of mastectomies, and continuing to monitor their bodies’ reactions, are crucial to women’s longevity, of course, but another major component of post-surgery health is their outlook. I admire the strength these women have.
—Kathy Heide, Owner, Heide’s Mastectomy Store

“Every time you turn on the TV, there is an ad for men’s erectile dysfunction—but you never see ads for women’s Viagra or dysfunctions that women face during menopause, after chemotherapy, or surviving cancer. At the end of chemotherapy or radiation, no one tells women that their sex lives will be greatly impacted. Women need to know there are gynecologists out there that specialize in women’s health issues, sexuality, and intimacy.
—Dr. Lisa Ohman Erhard, Physician/CEO, Minnesota Gynecology and Aesthetics

“Women’s access to prenatal care will continue to be a challenge everywhere in the world. In our own community, we can embrace women’s wishes for the holistic aspects of their pregnancy experience while providing safe and exceptional care.”
—Annelise Swigert, MD, FACOG, Executive Partner, Southdale Obstetric and Gynecologic consultants


Healing the Whole Woman

Healing the Whole Woman

Twin Cities health systems are embracing integrative therapies to care for the whole woman.

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