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Summer Hair tricks
Hair: Put a UV filter on it! No hat necessary. Skin: Protect, conceal, and correct-all at once.

Bring on the barbecues and rooftop parties–and summer storms and high humidity and over-chlorinated pools! Twin Cities dermatologists, clinicians, and spa and salon experts share with us their secrets for stunning hair and skin. You’re going to look amazing out there.


The Basics
A good hair day every day requires two things: weightless moisture and styling predictability. For a salon-strength shot of hydration, senior stylist Seanne Dreyling of Lili Salon Spa Galleria advises the Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment, which corrects dryness, damage, dullness, and lack of density. At home, Regis Corporation regional artistic director Marlena Isbell loves Biolage Exquisite Oil Conditioner. Leave it on for three to five minutes in the shower, then rinse.

If your hair likes to go rogue, a new treatment called the American Wave can help. Metropolitan clinic coordinator Sharon Miller says the in-salon treatment creates predictable wave patterns in the hair, making it easier to style when you don’t want to bust out the flat iron. It lasts up to nine months.

How to Protect Tresses From . . .

“Kérastase Chroma Thermique is the trifecta of sun protection products. It has UV filters, seals in color-treated hair, and provides thermal protection from the environment and hot tools.” —Jason Brezee, expert stylist, Lili Salon Spa Minnetonka

“The heat from summer wind can expose the protective cuticle layer of the strand to possible damage and color loss. Smooth the outer layer of the hair with Moroccanoil Treatment, which contains argan oil.” —Marlena Isbell, regional artistic director, Regis Corporation

“Sheer Lacquer by Shu Uemura is an anti-humectant styling spray that will keep hair pulled together even through Minnesota’s humidity. Accessorize with a poncho and cute rain boots!” —Seanne Dreyling, senior stylist, Lili Salon Spa Galleria

“Kérastase Masquintense is a great daily, weekly, or monthly treatment to help fight off dry hair from root to tip. This product offers different product weights for both fine and thick hair.” —Jason Brezee, expert stylist, Lili Salon Spa Minnetonka

“Malibu Swimmers is an in-salon treatment that removes chlorine build-up and leaves your hair feeling soft while giving off voluminous shine.” —Seanne Dreyling, senior stylist, Lili Salon Spa Galleria

Expert Tips

Every other day or less, if you can.

From the middle of your hair strand down with a keratin-infused conditioner.

With a hot tool that has a temperature dial. For fine hair, set it at 260 degrees or less. For medium to coarse hair, set it between 300 and 375 degrees.

Color-treated hair from the sun with a stylish hat.


The Basics
Exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidants are your skin’s best friends. To get all three, Sarah Kurn, owner of The Dermatory by Sarah Kurn, recommends the Anti-oxidant Blast treatment, which combines layered peels with antioxidant-rich ingredients to exfoliate, firm, and rejuvenate skin cells, smooth fine lines, and reduce effects of sun damage.

Your skin’s other best friend? Sunscreen. “The best sunscreen is the one you use,” says Sharon Miller, clinic coordinator at Metropolitan in Edina. “There are a lot of great products and sunscreens on the market, but if you aren’t diligent in applying them, you will never realize the benefits.”

How to protect skin from . . .

“It is imperative to use a sunscreen that provides maximum broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. My favorite product that I use every day is Intellishade SPF 45 by Revision. I had basal cell cancer on my lower eyelid and only wish I had discovered this product 20 years ago. It protects, conceals, and corrects your skin all in one.” —Dr. Lisa Erhard, CEO and medical director, Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa

“Vivier’s HYDRAgel Advanced B5+ Complex offers a medical-grade solution to leave skin hydrated and radiant. This is an oil-free and alcohol-free gel ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.” —Laura Bellendier, spa director and skin specialist, Lili Salon Spa Galleria

“I recommend that my patients with oily skin keep oil blotting sheets like Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets with them. These lift away excess oil and keep the pores clear during the day.” —Dr. Mohiba Tareen, medical director, Tareen Dermatology

“Wind can be very dehydrating, so I like a moisturizer that can improve the barrier function of the skin, like NeoStrata Bio-Hydrating Cream.” —Dr. Elizabeth Briden, medical director, Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Institute PA

“Chlorine is comedogenic, which means it causes skin congestion and blackheads. The slippery feel to chlorine is the bleach agent, which can irritate skin. To prevent skin reaction, coat your skin with a petroleum-based skin cream like Vanicream and shower immediately after swimming.” —Sarah Kurn, owner, The Dermatory by Sarah Kurn

Expert Tips

More zzz’s. It’s not called “beauty sleep” for nothing! A good night’s sleep improves skin health.

More water to hydrate your skin from the inside out. You can also run a humidifier to help quell parched skin.

Less sugar and more foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (think walnuts, salmon, and a Minnesota favorite, wild rice), which help skin produce more lipids, maintaining a youthful complexion.

Your clothes with rinse-in sunscreen like Rit SunGuard to help protect skin from aging UV rays. It lasts about 20 washes.

Your eyes from UV rays with a pair of oversized sunglasses to help protect against crow’s feet.

Products from multiple skin care lines to create a routine that works best with your skin.

Your doc to check for a thyroid condition or anemia if you have persistently dry, flaky skin; thin, peeling nails; or hair loss.