Ages 55 and Older

Best Smile Practice: Keep brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist at least twice a year to keep your new smile looking vibrant. And say yes to cosmetic dental work—it takes years off!

All of the above procedures work nicely on people 55 and older, prompting many to start raising their hand at the dentist’s office. And why not? “People are living longer and they want to look good,” Zettler notes.

For people who have lost a tooth—though it’s happening less often thanks to fluoridated water and improved dental care—implant crowns work wonders. Compared to a bridge, which often means putting crowns on otherwise healthy adjacent teeth, an implant affects only the missing tooth, Gorman says. An implanted crown also can prevent bone and gum tissue geography loss, maintaining the patient’s jaw structure and natural smile.

People 55 and older are starting to speak up at the dentist’s office. “people are living longer and they want to look good.”
Melissa Zettler, Cherrywood Dental Care

Ages 8-16

Braces are the name of the game at this age.

Ages 16-24

For teenagers and young adults, teeth whitening becomes the favored fix.

Ages 24-35

At this age, problems start cropping up from tooth grinding or not wearing a recommended retainer.

Ages 35-55

Cosmetic dentistry packs a powerful punch for this group.