Ages 35-55

Best Smile Practice: Whitening not only restores your teeth to a nice, white sheen, it can take years off of your looks.

Cosmetic dentistry packs a powerful punch for this group. By this time, most people sport a mouthful of mismatched and dated dentistry—hello, silver fillings and metal crowns! While whitening goes a long way, there are often underlying issues, making it a good time to take a comprehensive look at patients’ mouths, says Steven Gorman of The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry in North Oaks.

He often opts for veneers to provide patients with consistent dentistry and straight, beautiful smiles. They last longer than bonding and don’t require as much maintenance. “It’s fun to take those mouths that are worn and stained and making people feel old, and give them more youthful teeth,” he says. “The biggest bang for your buck is your smile.”

Ages 8-16

Braces are the name of the game at this age.

Ages 16-24

For teenagers and young adults, teeth whitening becomes the favored fix.

Ages 24-35

At this age, problems start cropping up from tooth grinding or not wearing a recommended retainer.

Ages 55 and Older

All of the above procedures work nicely on people 55 and older, prompting many to start raising their hand at the dentist’s office.