Dance Class

Associate editor Kara Eliason tries The Cowles Center’s Open Door Dance classes.

Dance Class
Photo by Katherine Harris

GUINEA PIG: Kara Eliason

WHAT: Getting my groove on at The Cowles Center’s Open Door Dance classes.

WHY: I wanted to find an adult dance class that was fun, accessible, and not competitive.

OUR TAKE: Open Door Dance features a different dance style and teacher each month, and anyone can drop in for a class. My challenge: An Afro-modern class taught by Roxane Wallace. I’d never tried this mix of rhythmic African movement and expressive modern dance, but Wallace broke it down for us. We started with a warm-up, then moved into across-the-floor exercises, and ended with a short combination as a group. I messed up some of the steps, but I had a blast leaping across the room and grooving to the music. It looked like my classmates, who ranged from 20s to 40s, were having just as much fun.

SMALL PRINT: Classes are offered the second and fourth Wednesday of each month; $12 per class. 528 Hennepin Ave., Mpls., 612-206-3636, thecowlescenter.org