How They Do It: Four Twin Citians' Work Outs

  • Randy Lindemann
  • Joy Isakson
  • Meghan McKeon
  • Mike Sime

How He Does It: A Busy Professional

Name: Randy Lindemann
Works out at: The Firm
Age: 50
Profession: Architect
Family: Wife and two kids

Randy Lindemann started working out at The Firm a year before his first son was born. That was 21 years ago. And he’s still going. “I’m a lifer,” says the 50-year-old architect, who takes Crossfit classes at least three times a week. “Architecture is very stressful,” he says. “But there’s a mental health benefit from working out, so for me it’s a lifestyle choice.” And Crossfit, a competitive core strength and conditioning program, has been a game changer. “There’s just a point when something is so fun, you don’t want to not do it,” he says. And with its loud music, crazy instructors, and high energy, there’s a reason he keeps coming back to The Firm. “They put on a show. Some people go to happy hour, other people go dancing,” he says. “I like to be here.”


How she does it: a mother of Five

Name: Joy Isakson
Works out at: Steele Fitness
Age: 38
Profession: Music teacher
Family: Husband and five kids

Joy Isakson stopped working out the moment she became a mom. That was 10 years ago. “I just couldn’t find a way to work it into my life,” she says. It’s so hard to do as a mom because you feel like there’s always so many things to take care of.” But after delivering her fifth child last January, the St. Paul resident recognized the need for a change. A few months later, she saw a fitness challenge in a magazine and decided to try it. With no regular daycare to rely on, she arranged to trade babysitting with her sister, friends, and even some of her music students so she could begin a program at STEELE Fitness. “I was all about getting the most workout in the least amount of time.” She frequented a STEELE Fitness personal trainer twice a week and attended the STEELE T.W.O. (Team Work Out) group resistance and cardio classes three times a week. Her time spent working out totaled just five hours a week, and the results were instant. “After that first week, I felt some mental changes: I had more energy and clarity of mind,” she says. After three months, a whole new wardrobe was in order.


How she does it: a working mom

Name: Megan McKeon
Works out at: The Barre
Age: 39
Profession: Physician
Family: Husband and three kids

Meghan McKeon was never a fan of working out. “I’m not athletic or a fitness fanatic, even though I’ve always had getting in shape on my to-do list,” she says. But she never managed to fit it into her busy schedule. Her days were filled with the demands of her career and running errands for her three kids, all under age 7. When her youngest child was diagnosed with some special health-care needs, she decided to make a change. “Knowing there are certain physical things that he won’t be able to do took away all my excuses,” she says. “I have a healthy body, as opposed to my son, which made me think differently about working out.” Having previously tried various gyms, she took a suggestion from a friend and ventured to Wayzata to try The Barre. Sixty minutes later, she was hooked. “The exercises are challenging but doable,” she says. Now she goes three times a week and finds that the mental focus required for barre workouts keeps her mind from wandering to work, errands, and to-do lists. “It’s easier to make time for something that you really enjoy,” she says. “At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, it’s been life-changing for me. I never thought I could feel this way about exercise.”


How he does it: a marathoner

Name: Mike Sime
Works out at: Tiger Athletics
Age: 57
Profession: Business owner
Family: Wife and three kids

Mike Sime saw a picture of himself four years ago and didn’t recognize the face looking back at him. “I remember thinking, ‘Whoa, this is not good. Not good at all.’ ” So he made a plan. “I’m one of those guys who has been in and out of diets,” he says. “And in the past when I worked out, I’d think I could eat more.” This time was different. He started hitting the gym about three times a week, and without changing his eating, he saw incremental improvements. Once he lost about 10 pounds, he shifted his focus from his weight to getting in shape—and that’s when the 57-year-old signed up for a marathon. “I couldn’t run three miles 16 weeks before the race,” he says. Without wanting to affect his already busy day at the office, he started to train in the early morning with Chris Clark at Tiger Athletics, which focuses on training athletes. “I’ve never been the best at anything, but they moved me up the ladder to become a B+/A- athlete.” Sixteen weeks and 26.2 miles later, he crossed the finish line, making one unforgettable picture.


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