SkinPerfect Sunless Tan

tan woman in bikini

 It’s that nasty fashion transition time of year again. Lured by warm(er) temps and brightly colored spring clothing, we’re emerging from hibernation like the groundhog in Caddyshack. But one look at our pale complexion and we’re back in the closet, hiding under layers of quilted North Face. Short of a quick trip to Cancun, we need a sunny solution if we’re going to don printed dresses and bright blouses.

Enter Sandra Avelli, a makeup artist and spray tanner to the body-building stars. On my visit to Extrados, I find myself standing under a black tent dressed in nothing more than a teeny pair of paper underwear as Avelli deftly applies two coats of a solution spiked with a bit of bronzer, skin-fortifying additives, and aloe vera. Using a soft cloth, she gently blends the solution to achieve a precise, streak-free color.

“Wow, you look so healthy and happy,” my friend says later that evening, “like you just spent a few days at the beach.” In addition to being good for a bit of pre-season glow, SkinPerfect Sunless Tan is ideal year-round for someone like me who can’t be bothered to politely put a few swipes of foundation on before leaving the house. And like a real tan, the glow lasted about four days on my face (one week on my body) and faded in a natural, splotch-free way. $60 for full body, $25 for à la carte.

Where to try it: 
Extrados Salon and Spa, 4279 Sheridan Ave. S., Mpls., 612-920-0051; 824 E. Lake St., Wayzata, 952-473-0423,


Tanning Tips:

Come Prepared: Exfoliate before your service. Wear old, loose, dark clothing.

Make it Last: To make your tan last, spring for weekly maintenance.