Natural Beauty

Setting up an organic home spa isn't as easy as filling your refrigerator.

Organic beauty products
Michael Hendrickson
While it’s possible to purchase socially responsible, ecofriendly cosmetics and bath-and-body products that make you look—and feel—fabulous, it takes work. The USDA has no equivalent standards for “organic” beauty products as for certified organic foods, and there are no requirements to label many (commonly used) toxic or irritating chemicals. We did our own search to see what's out there and where you can find the good stuff. The beauty products we discovered either contain organically grown ingredients (certified by the USDA) or claim to be ecologically responsible. Read your labels and be savvy about sourcing and possible side effects. Buying responsibly sends a message to the beauty industry. You might not be able to cut out all the chemicals, but you can try to cut back—for your health and that of the Earth.

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