Lashdip Mascara Service

We went to Jett Makeup to try the latest treatment for fuller, longer lashes that last for weeks

GUINEA PIG: Stephani Bloomquist

THE SCOOP: Tired of flaky mascara and raccoon eyes, I was intrigued by Amy Presson’s new semi-permanent mascara service called LashDip.

THE PROCEDURE: It starts with an under-eye treatment that lasts throughout the service. About half of the 60-minute procedure is dedicated to cleansing and prepping the lashes. Next, a certified lash technician separates the eyelashes before applying the dip, in layers, with a wand. With each layer, the look becomes more dramatic—I opted for an everyday look for my long lashes, but many women prefer a thicker application. Finally, a cool-dry system is used to dry and curl the lashes, which results in a perfect coat of mascara that lasts four to six weeks. Included in the price is a follow-up service two to three weeks after the initial application to touch up the lashes. That way the results last even after your eyelashes have had some new growth.

OUR TAKE: Two weeks after LashDip was applied, I still couldn’t get enough of my thick, curled lashes that require no maintenance. They make my peepers pop more than with regular mascara, even after showering, working out, and sleeping. Presson assured me that LashDip is gentler on the eyes than regular mascara, and there’s no fussing with eye makeup remover either. Women who have had general problems with mascara—such as flaking, raccoon eyes, or irritation—are great candidates for this service. It’s also a great option for busy women who want to get up and go, knowing their lashes look lovely without any primping.

SMALL PRINT: Starting at $200. Jett Makeup, 3940 W. 50th St., Edina, 952-856-4888,