It’s All About The Blow Out, Baby

It’s All About The Blow Out, Baby
Mary Lynn Blasutta
When we connected with Amelia Santaniello for our September cover shoot, we talked hair, makeup, and wardrobe. She said we didn’t need to worry about having a hairstylist since she would schedule a “blow out” for that morning with her guy, Jason Deavalon. “He’s the best!” she said.

Not wanting to sound “not in the know,” I didn’t ask what a blow out was. I figured it had something to do with her hair—but was it a straightening process? A puffing-up process?

I had to know. So I asked my mane man, stylist Jeffrey Caron. He explained that it’s basically a wash, dry, and style. “We can finish your hair so much better than you can,” he gushed. “We can get the back just right—plus it can last for days.” Ohhhh.

As the week of Glamorama approached, I left Jeffrey a message: “I need a blow out!” He called me back nearly in tears from laughter. “It’s so funny to hear a client ask for a blow out,” he said. “It’s such an industry term—you hear it on the coasts, but not much here.” We shared a giggle about it as he worked my do for Glam. Needless to say, my hair was Gwyneth Paltrow-silky-smooth.

Next time you need "red carpet hair," ask for a blow out.