I Feel Better About My Neck

A new way to battle the wattle.

Ultherapy neck

Wattles run in my family. Although I use increasingly high SPF, sleep on my back, and douse myself in youth serums with names like Good Genes, I know that the double chin cometh. Not now, but in a decade or two, gravity and genetics will get the better of my chiseled jawline.

Ultherapy first caught my attention in 2009 when it was approved by the FDA for skin tightening. This was something: a neck lift without a scalpel. I filed it away for my future wattle.

Five years later, with a new high-tech ability to “see while you treat” for more consistent results, Ultherapy is getting a shout-out on The Doctors and physicians are snapping it up for their practices.

I tried Ultherapy at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Edina after seeing the astounding before-and-after photos. Double chins and jiggly bits were practically melting away, without leaving any scars or strangely stretched faces in their wake. Maybe my wattle didn’t stand a chance after all.

Using ultrasound technology, this nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure lifts and tightens loose skin on the eyebrows, neck, and under the chin—all without a scalpel or downtime. That’s not to say Ultherapy isn’t painful. For my lower face and neck lift, I opted for local anesthesia along my jawline but skipped the painkillers. Still, the 90-plus-minute procedure, which feels like hundreds of hot, tiny zaps, brought tears and required stress balls.

The good news is that once the procedure is over, so is the pain. I was tender to the touch for about a week and a tad puffy for a day or two, but it was nothing debilitating or that anyone else would notice.

Ultherapy results unfold over two to three months as the body heals, stimulating new collagen growth. That said, after a few weeks I can already tell that the soft flesh under my chin feels more taut and toned and, yes, rather un-wattle-like.

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