Brazilian Fiestas

Ladies, take it all off—together.

Brazilian Fiestas
Mary Lynn Blasutta

Yes, Minnesota winters are here, but cruise season is fast approaching—and that means it’s time to clean up the bikini line. Whether your winter destination is Rio de Janeiro or Grand Rios resort, round up the gals for a “getting-ready party” at Salon Estilo, a little hideaway in Hopkins that has a rustic, south-of-the-border feel, especially when the Latin tunes are cranked up. Best of all, esthetician Faye Nouraee knows that even though beauty can bring pain, it can also be fun. After hours, she holds private parties at the salon for women who want to add a little festivity to their hair-removal ritual. Typically, one host organizes a group of five or more friends who gather for sangria, small plates of olives, cheese and crackers, veggies and dip—and a private Brazilian wax and complimentary botanical exfoliation or toner treatment (to help eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs). The host also receives a free facial. Veterans will love the price ($65 a person), and virgin waxers will appreciate Nouraee’s comforting demeanor. These waxes can be intimidating and excruciating (yes, every little hair goes), but beginners, take note—the first time truly is the worst, and then all you need are regular touchups to get you through the season—and make bikini shopping a bit smoother.

Salon Estilo, 11 10th Ave. S., Hopkins, 952-932-0444