Behind Bars

Associate Editor Emily Howald test drives the Behind Bars class at Time Out Studio.

behind bars pilates class
behind bars pilates class

Guinea Pig:
Emily Howald

The Scoop:
Intrigued by the bar workouts that pepper the coasts (promising tighter abs, thighs, arms, and butts), I sought out a similar class locally.

The Class:
The 60-minute bar class uses isometric movements to sculpt and tone. It begins with an arm series using light dumbbells and small, muscle-centric movements. Next up: butt and thighs. I grabbed the ballet bar around the perimeter of the room and rose to my tiptoes while lowering to a squat for miniature lifts. The remainder of the class was a mix of deep stretching, butt-blasting leg raises, and a core and abdominal sequence that made my muscles quiver.

Our Take:
After a few classes, my thighs were noticeably narrower, my waist felt more defined, and my arms were more toned.      

Small Print:
$20. Time Out Studio, 6001 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls., 612-866-0832,