Beauty Resolutions

Taking care of your mind and body isn’t selfish (unless you drag your husband to your waxing appointment).

Beauty Resolutions
Photo by Becca Sabot
Even a beauty maven such as Elizabeth Dehn can use a little help from the pros.

As we welcome 2013, much will be said about eating less, sleeping more, and hitting the gym harder. But you won’t hear it from me. This is a beauty column, after all, and I resolve to encourage only habit-forming products and treatments that make you feel good—not guilty. With that, here are a few ways to show yourself some well-deserved love in the coming year:

Don’t go to bed without washing your face. How can you possibly sleep knowing that your pores are clogged with blemish-causing dirt and makeup? All I can think is, you’re tired. Very, very tired. Solution: Keep a pack of face wipes on the nightstand (I like Yes to Blueberries) so you can swipe one across your face before it hits the pillow.

Wear sunscreen. Every single day, no less than SPF 30, even in winter—no excuses. Unless you want wrinkles, age spots, and saggy skin? Didn’t think so.

Get a massage. Or a facial. Or acupuncture. Whatever you need to feel more centered and relaxed needs to move to the top of your to-do list. Taking care of your mind and body isn’t selfish (unless you drag your husband to your waxing appointment); it’s essential for a happy, productive life.

Don’t leave the house without makeup. I can hear the protests now. Makeup is fake and oppressive and you are real and beautiful just the way you are! True, but if you don’t walk just a little bit taller after concealing those dark under-eye circles and slapping on some lipstick, I will leave the house without makeup.

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