Banish the Sun Spots


Normally in this issue I’d be trotting out my favorite sunscreens and self-tanners (stay tuned for June!). But now is when flawless skin counts the most, so we can wear less makeup all summer long. Here’s how to tackle those pesky sun spots in time for the first pool party:

1. Vitamin C PeelA natural, non-irritating, non-invasive peel will instantly brighten skin tone without any redness or downtime. Ideal for: Instant gratification. Pro pick: Sonja Eileen Aesthetics. Price: $125 with facial, $90 peel only; series of four to six peels recommended. 4748 Chicago Ave. S., Mpls., 612-799-3588,

2. Broad Band Light (BBL). Last year a Stanford University study revealed that this physician-administered pulsed-light treatment not only reduces pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, but, with regular treatments, also rejuvenates gene expressions to resemble younger skin. Ideal for: Face, back, and décolleté; brown and red spots, including rosacea. Pro pick: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic. Price: $375 per treatment, with 15 percent off three or more. 6545 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-920-6545,

3. Microdermabrasion. The lunch break darling of the last decade, “microderm” exfoliates the top layers of the dermis using crystals and a suction wand. The results are fewer sun spots and acne scars, smoother lines, and red-carpet glow. Best for: Summer, when light and laser treatments can leave skin sun-sensitive. Pro pick: The Beauty Room. Price: $125 with facial, $100 microderm only (series of three to four recommended). 4300 Chicago Ave. S., Mpls., 612-724-4111,

4. ClearLift. Also known as the Pixel Q-Switch laser, this new Dr. Oz–approved laser technology stimulates collagen production to firm and tone skin while diminishing sun spots, dark circles, large pores, and fine lines in one treatment. Ideal for: More mature, sagging skin with pigmentation. Pro pick: The Metropolitan Clinic. Price: $379 per treatment or $949 for series of three. 7300 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-288-2230,