A Three-Way the Clean Way

Stormsister Spatique's Becky Sturm finds multiple uses for bath products

When business began to dry up at her St. Paul beauty store StormSister Spatique, Becky Sturm made shampoo. And soap. And shaving cream—all rolled into one lemon spice–scented bar called Shhh Shampoo Shower Shave. The multitasking, chemical-free shower bar ($17) will be unveiled April 16 at StyledLife in the Galleria.

Developing her own line seems an obvious next step for Sturm, whose passion for product led her out of the hair salon business and into retail. “I loved selling other people’s stuff,” Sturm says, “but something wild happened during the recession. My customers had to choose: the $30 shampoo or the $20 body wash. I’d tell them to pick the shampoo and use it as a body wash. We’re so used to thinking you can only use a product in one way. I started looking for other ways.”

Shhh is manufactured locally by Bodylish. It contains exotic plant oils and butters that cleanse, hydrate, and lather without stripping. One bar, three ways. Smart.