Chef Lisa Hanson's restaurant sits in an off-the-glitzy-path part of downtown. Look for modern American small plates with a bit of wit served in a room that anchors old world vibe against a gleaming white kitchen. Free parking after 4pm.


Type: American

Price: $$

Features: No Personal Checks, Notable, Outdoor Dining, Wheelchair Accessible

Meals: Dinner, Lunch

Neighborhood(s): Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis

From Mona

Although it is a newer restaurant, Mona evokes classy charm and comfort in an old world style. The restaurant features an island bar, open kitchen with counter seating, and a gorgeous patio.
ln the kitchen, Chef Lisa designs a seasonal menu of small plates featuring local farms and purveyors. Lisa uses classical technique to prepare her simple yet elegant dishes gently influenced by the Mediterranean. Her menu offers every diner the opportunity to stay in their comfort zone, or, be more adventurous.
'Would you like to add bacon to that?" is a common question heard in the dining room, and the answer is always "yes." Chef cures and smokes her own bacon from fresh pork bellies sourced from Hidden Stream Farm. Guests may add bacon to any dish on the menu such as smoked oysters on the half shell, shrimp on brioche, or even the Mona Grilled Cheese!