Mediterranean Cruise Café

In a grand space, this Med-focused restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, such as kebabs, pasta, gyros, pizza, and more. Check out one of the weekend belly dancing shows or enjoy a hookah on the patio.


Type: Greek

Price: $$$

Features: Entertainment, Kid-friendly, Late Night Dining, Outdoor Dining, Private Dining, Wheelchair Accessible

Meals: Dinner, Lunch

Neighborhood(s): Burnsville

From Mediterranean Cruise Café

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Lunch- $10

All-You-Can-Eat Mediterranean Buffet
Try our most popular dishes from gyros, hummos, grape leaves, falafel, spanakopita, Greek salad, chicken kabob and more! (menu varies every day)

Monday- Saturday (Sunday Brunch not included)

Dinner- $30

Appetizer (Choose one): 

  • Steak Hummos
     chick pea puree topped with pine nuts
  • Saganaki Opa (Flaming Cheese)
     A famous Greek delicacy made with mozzarella cheese
  • Grape Leaves
     stuffed with spiced rice and ground beef, topped with tomato sauce            
  • Arayes
     toasted pocket pita bread stuffed with spicy meat (kufta) and garlic
  • Falafel
     deep-fried spiced ground chick peas with tahini sauce
  • Four Best Dips
     hummos, garlic dip, baba ganouje and hot sauce
  • Fried Kibbe
     shell of crack wheat stuffed with spiced ground beef and pine 

 Entree (Choose one): 

  • The Great Lamb Lovers
    combination of lamb rack frenched and lamb shank served over rice with sautéed vegetables
  • Shrimp and Salmon Feast
     Baked Alaskan Salmon fliet and broiled shrimp served with mixed sautéed vegetables and mandarin oranges
  • Jamal's Favorite Kabobs
    chicken kabob, shrimp kabob, lamb rack, grilled vegetables and rice
  • Moussaka
     layers of sliced potatoes, eggplant, ground beef topped with a rich tomato sauce
  • Gyro Stir Fry
     seasonal vegetables sautéed in a honey glaze sauce served over rice

Dessert (Choose one):

  • Harrisa
    Baked semolina sweet coconut cake with almonds and drizzled with honey sauce
  • Atayif
     mama's middle eastern pancake stuffed with sweet cheese and drizzled with honey sauce
  • Namoora Al la mode
     filo dough stuffed with a creamy custard, drizzled with honey sauce served with vanilla ice cream
  • Baklava Al la mode
    layers of filo dough, honey and choice of pistachio or walnuts served with vanilla ice cream 

From Mediterranean Cruise Café

With their strong Mediterranean heritage behind them, owner Jamal and his sons have created many original delicacies from Jerusalem, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Italy, Turkey and Greece. Specializing in the finest Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine such as shish kabobs, lamb, gyros, Mediterranean stir-frys and pastas, seafood, baklava and much more!
With over 30 years of hard work, the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe has been recognized as the one of the top restaurants in the Twin Cities.
Not only is the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe noted for its food, it is also known for its unique belly dancing entertainment Thursdays through Sundays.