What to Expect at Your Local Brewery Taproom

Take a look at the Fulton Taproom experience to guide you on your journey.

  • Katherine Harris
    There is a bar, but this isn’t a bar. On the menu are 16-ounce pours of the beers brewed on premises—don’t ask for other beers, and don’t ask for a Jack and Coke. The taps are meant to give you a chance to taste and enjoy the beers before buying.
  • Katherine Harris
    There are tables, but there are no servers—belly up to the bar to order your beer before having a seat.
  • Katherine Harris
    Food is BYO. At Fulton, there is usually a food truck or vendor selling street food in the parking lot, but this is not a restaurant. Fulton also encourages people to hit the neighborhood eateries, such as Black Sheep Pizza, and bring their food into the brewery.
  • Katherine Harris
    You can buy growlers, refillable jugs of beer, but you can’t buy bottles on the premises. Yes, they take credit cards. Want a tour? At smaller breweries such as Fulton, you can see the brew tanks though big glass windows, and since the owners are the ones pulling your taps, all you have to do is ask.
  • Katherine Harris
    It might be as crowded as a bar, but beer lovers are almost guaranteed a good time.

With the changing of laws and uptick in local beer fascination, brewers are opening their doors to the public and selling pints. Take a look at the Fulton Taproom experience to guide you on your journey.

Fulton Brewing Comany, 414 6th Ave N, Minneapolis, 612.333.3208