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Tea Time

Warm up this winter with a hot tea drink

Hot Gin-Spiked tea

Brace yourselves and keep your dukes up—Old Man Winter is fired up and bringing all he’s got to put us on the canvas. I suggest cocooning with a good book and a nice hot drink.

First tip: Begin by heating your mug with hot water, which will help keep your drink warmer longer. Spiked cocoa is great, but I prefer sipping something alongside the cocoa, as opposed to always mixing things together—a nice amber rum or cognac would be terrific. But what I’m digging now is using hot tea of any kind to make a good winter warmer.

There is no rule stating you must use a heavy brown liquor, so start with a nice herbal tea, add a touch of gin (or vodka, if you must, but trust me—gin will work better), a splash of St.-Germain elderflower liqueur, and then a fruity liqueur that will complement your choice of tea. I have been going to TeaSource for a long time, because the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, and the range of teas is amazing. Tell them what you like and what kind of flavors you want to work with, and they’ll set you up to face the Old Man.

Just remember, bob and weave. Soon it will be spring, and we’ll be laughing at the Old Man as he pants from exhaustion.