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Ward off winter's chill with an old favorite&#38;mdash;port. Plus, get the recipe for <em>Waltzing With Vincent Price</em>.

Glass of port

I just know Old Man Winter has been working out all summer, getting ready for us. We need to prepare ourselves, inside and out. Port has long been sipped by the wise to fortify their blood during the cold months.

Generally speaking, port is red wine to which a brandy-like liquor has been added, stopping fermentation and leaving behind extra sweetness and a higher alcohol content. It makes for a great digestif after a big meal, sipped and savored by a warm fire. If you’re new to port, I recommend choosing a younger one, say a 10- or 20-year tawny, as some of the older ones can be a bit oaky.

I make a cocktail called Waltzing with Vincent Price that uses port as a complex sweetening agent. It’s one of my favorite autumn cocktails, but it’s good all winter. Or simply take a white wine glass, add a shot of scotch (blended or a less peaty single malt) and a teaspoon or two of port. Add one cube of ice and swirl until melted for The Quiet Strike. All right winter, bring it.

Waltzing with Vincent Price:
2 oz. cognac
¼ oz. Benedictine
¼ oz. port
Dash of Angostura bitters
In a shaker with ice, stir or swirl (don’t shake) the
ingredients. Strain into
martini glasses and top with
1 to 2 oz. cold sparkling cider.