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North Loop Beer Tasting

We hit the 30-minute tasting ready to sip and study.

North Loop Beer Tasting
Katherine Harris

Emily Howald and Stephanie March

Beer tasting with guru Daniel Mays at North Loop Wine & Spirits.

Eager to expand our beer ordering options, our team hit the 30-minute tasting ready to sip and study.

We were a mismatched pair: a novice who knows what she likes but little else, and a food connoisseur already in the know about the local craft beer scene. But we were both pleasantly surprised by what we gained in a mere 30 minutes of tasting with Mays. The self-taught beer expert guided our neophyte through the basics of beer tasting (similar to wine: swirl, smell, sip, repeat) and what flavors to expect. At the same time, he engaged our pro by sharing interesting anecdotes and insights about various brewers and the craft beer movement in general. Both of us were inspired to hit the checkout with a few six-packs in hand.

Free. Tuesdays from 4–8 pm.

218 Washington Ave. N., Mpls., 612-338-5393,