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Liver Detox: Milk Thistle

Liver Detox: Milk Thistle

Whew! Happy New Year, indeed. Time to take a little break from all the full-tilt merrymaking we’ve been doing. I’ve always noticed a two-week surge in non-alcoholic beer sales in January.

Nowadays, it seems we can’t go 15 minutes without hearing about someone’s all-out detox or cleansing program. I tip my invisible cap to these people. I’m no rookie when it comes to going to extremes, but after the holidays, I seriously wonder if a sudden full-scale detoxification of my system just might kill me.

For those of us who enjoy the sporting life, whose daily bread often comes in liquid form, I have always endorsed the supplemental use of an herb called milk thistle (widely available at vitamin and drug stores). You just take a pill or two a day, much like any multivitamin. Milk thistle helps your liver function at a higher level, helping you eliminate toxins more quickly to bounce back a little faster. If you mistreat your liver from time to time, why not balance things out and be nice to it, too?

It’ll help you enjoy 2013 to the fullest.

Johnny Michaels is the author of North Star Cocktails and a master mixologist at La Belle Vie and Icehouse.