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Just Juice It

Fresh juices are delicious in cocktails.

Get a Good Juicer

I Hope you’re having an awesome summer and having too much fun for your own good. I have a tip for you to make it even better. If you want to get the most out of this summer season, you really need to get yourself a good juicer. It has become the newest must-have kitchen and bar equipment staple.

We have access to so much wonderful local, fresh produce right now with so many great farmers’ markets all over the Twin Cities. It’s just plain crazy not to enjoy as much of it as possible. You know you can only eat so much fiber, and juicers rock because they extract the best part of fresh produce, namely the flavors and vitamins, actually allowing you to consume more (God bless America!).

And, of course, fresh juices are delicious in cocktails. You can enjoy them now or freeze them to enjoy in the middle of winter, when you need a reminder of how great July in Minnesota really is. You can spend anywhere from $12 to $300 on a juicer, but you should be able to find a great one for under $100. Get a good machine, one that has versatility and different attachments so that you are free to get creative with different fruits and juice your brains out on summer’s bounty.

— Johnny Michaels is the author of North Star Cocktails and a master mixologist at La Belle Vie.