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It’s Ice Cream Season

Not all bartenders fear the ice cream drink.

The Big Dipper, an ice cream cocktail developed by Johnny Michaels
The Big Dipper (named after Wilt Chamberlain)
I dig June. June has always been good to me. It’s a great time of year to enjoy one of the best things in the world: ice cream! 

Not all bartenders fear the ice cream drink; in fact, there are a handful of us who are embracing it. I’ve been working on the drinks list for Icehouse and have been having a blast with ice cream sodas, sorbet floats, and popsicles. Some of these will pack a punch, and some will be nonalcoholic.

Sorbet works nicely in cocktails containing sparkling wine, while I feel ice cream works best in milk punches or with straight liquor. Surprisingly, beer drinks, especially those made with stouts, are also a good vehicle for ice cream. The popsicles I’ve been working on will be served as a side complement with certain cocktails. Take a sip, take a nibble, and repeat as many times as you want. I think this season’s happy hours just got a little more fun. See you on the patio!