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Hot Bottle Tip: Barolo Chinato

Photo by Katherine Harris

Ready to try something new? I’m super excited to tell you about a product that’s been around but is new to our distributors here in Minnesota. It’s a fortified wine from Italy called Barolo Chinato (key-NAH-to), and it is like the best sweet vermouth you’ve ever had.

Made from only the highly esteemed nebbiolo grape (famously from the Piedmont region), fortified with grappa (a grape-based brandy), bittered with cinchona bark (from which we get quinine) instead of the usually used wormwood, and then infused with bold indigenous Italian botanicals, the end result, as you can imagine, is robust, rich, and just awesome! It can be used in place of sweet vermouth when making classic cocktails, such as the Manhattan, or sipped straight as a dessert wine while nibbling on some dark chocolate by a warm fire. In fact, this could be a great hostess gift for someone cooking you a big feast.

I really like the Cocchi brand. It’s locally available at Surdyk’s, but ask your favorite liquor store for it by name. Then enjoy adding a new bottle to everyone’s repertoire.