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Coy’s Bests: Favorite TC Wine Picks

Bill Coy points out some often-overlooked Twin Cities wine gems.

Picking a “Best” list is tough, but I do enjoy pointing out some often-overlooked gems in our towns. So, here goes:

• Most affordable place to add a bottle of wine to a meal: Pairings Food and Wine. Just try it and you will understand.

• New place: Jack’s. You’ll find great food with a great wine list featuring some of the best wine prices in town.

• Ever-changing, hip wine lists: First Course in south Minneapolis and Lucia’s in Uptown.

• French list: Vincent–A Restaurant, with sommelier James Parsons right there to help you with your selections.

• Best way to enjoy wine in a fine dining restaurant: Listen to your waiters! Tell them your likes and your budget, but then let them do their job. They actually want you to be happy.

• Wine philosophy: Make sure you enjoy wine with people you enjoy!