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Champagne, Roses, and Chocolate

Three ingredients to making your Valentine's Day special (or at least go smoothly)

Champagne, roses, and chocolate for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is coming, and it’s not that hard to do somethingcool for the love in your life. Bubbles aren’t necessary, but they’re usually appreciated, and a rose flower or a rosé wine is nice as well. Chocolates always work too, and I have a twist on that for you this month. Wine selections are from Old Vine Wine and Spirits, Mall of America, 952-858-8800.

A blend of pinotnoir and chardonnay

Moet & Chandon Rose NV (Champagne, France)
Price: $74.99
•  This one sets the bar pretty high. It is the real deal in the bubbles world. Brilliant and delicious, it can be enjoyed as a starter or throughout your entire meal.

100 percent sauvignon blanc

Forefathers 2010 (Marlborough, New Zealand)  
Price: $19.99
•  Delivering grapefruit and pineapple with nice acid, this wine goes with a seafood evening. Just get some oysters, chilled shrimp, or sushi from your favorite spot and nosh all night. Sometimes simple is best.

A blend of petite sirah, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and zinfandel

Concannon Conservancy 2009 Crimson & Clover (Livermore, CA)
Price: $14.99
•  Rich and jammy with flavors such as blackberry, clove, and vanilla, it’s perfect for sipping with a spread of meat and cheese.

Cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, and cabernet franc

Hedges Red Mountain 2008 (Columbia Valley, WA)
Price: $29.99
•  Your romantic dinner better include a big fat steak to pair with this wine, as it is big and full bodied with a long finish. Sometimes you just need to make your meat and potatoes guy happy.

Red wine infused with dark chocolate

Indulgent Coco Rosso NV (Walla Walla, WA)
Price: $14.99
•  This one is clearly a novelty, but dark chocolate in liquid form can’t be all bad. And why not infused with wine? It’s like chocolate milk all grown up and a little more fun.