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Tipsy Pies

Tipsy Pies
Photo by Becca Sabot

This may be the most brilliant mash-up to date: a pint and a pie all in one place. Sara Hayden’s Tipsy Pies won’t knock you for a loop, but they are made just a bit better by the gracious addition of fine local spirits.

In these baked-from-scratch, hand-rolled pies, you’ll find Lift Bridge’s Chestnut Hill ale as an apple glaze in one pie, and Finnegans Irish Amber beer complementing the salty caramel in another. There’s even an Irish apple pie baked through with 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey. Beyond the inherent sassiness that comes with the addition of an adult beverage, the pies can be bought as palm-sized hand pies, in pie-pop-on-a-stick form, and even in cute little Mason jars known as pie pals.

If you’re feeling guilty about the beer, just buy one made with Finnegans and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota, in honor of Hayden’s daughter Madi. That’s a perfect purpose for pie—as if you need one. To find out where you can get a Tipsy Pie, go to sarastipsypies.com.