Where and What to Eat

City Lunch: The Bamboo Shoot

What's for lunch? Our editor's pick of where to eat on your lunch break.

Bamboo Shoot
Skyway Accessible: Yes.

In/Out: Counter service, plenty of seating, big dining room.

Deets: According to the guy behind the counter, The Bamboo Shoot amended its menu about six months ago. It used to be only generic, cheap Chinese (still offered in the steam table), but now they’ve got Vietnamese too. Most of it is $4.99, and is nicely home style, and quite good.I tried the pork and rice platter, which came with a generous pile of lacquered pork, lots of veggies and herbs, and a nicely sweet and sour little dish of nuoc cham sauce, which perked it all up quite happily. A little crisp, a little fresh and herbal, and a little sweet and porky—good stuff. I also tried the banh mi sandwich, which was essentially the same thing, in bread that was too bready, and I tried the bun salad, which was the same thing but on rice noodles—go for the rice or rice-noodle version. I liked the pho with its good broth and classic anise-scented meatballs, but I really loved the spicy Hué soup, blood red with chili, meaty with a big joint of skin-on pork, lightened with the requisite pile of fresh pac peow (Vietnamese mint), basil, and beansprouts.

The Bamboo Shoot
331 2nd Ave S.
Mpls., MN  55401