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Philia Foods Feta Spreads

Philia Foods Feta Spreads
Photo by Becca Sabot

You know that dip you make and always bring to family gatherings? The one that everyone tells you is amazing and you secretly think you could package and sell the bejeezus out of? Well, take note of your pipe dreams, because that’s exactly what happened to the people behind the kicky feta spreads from Philia Foods.

Made in St. Paul with fresh Wisconsin feta and no preservatives, these spreads started as a family obsession before owner Mike Rakes decided to test the waters at the Linden Hills Farmers Market in 2012. The Spicy Feta (think Minnesota Nice spice) was the starter with a touch of roasted red peppers and spicy herbs, then came Savory Feta, which focused on garden herbs, and finally Zesty Feta, my favorite. With a hit of cucumbers, this is most like a tzatziki sauce but more flavorful and spreadable—as in, you won’t have a mess of sauce running down your arm as can happen in some gyro situations. I’ve been spreading it on the buns for my turkey and lamb burgers, dipping steamed artichoke leaves in it, and of course inhaling it with pita.

Find them at various farmers’ markets, co-ops, Kowalski’s, Lunds, and Byerly’s. philiafoods.com