Where and What to Eat

One Great Plate: Soup, Beautiful Soup

A new way to slurp up soup season.

Photo by Amber Procaccini

Just as sure as it’s feast season, it’s soup season, and Pam Knutson is about to become your guru of soup. Birdsong Soups is a CSS (like a CSA but it’s community supported soup), although it feels more like a soup club because you have choice and flexibility. Knutson’s soups are all fresh and natural, vegetarian, and made from scratch. You will swear that the Portuguese potato and kale soup isn’t vegetarian, but it is, and it’s a rich, soulful, luxurious bowl of goodness. From Thai pumpkin and coconut to Greek lentil and rosemary, Knutson’s soups are never boring and work well with your own added proteins. You can purchase them in quarts anytime or buy a share of the season, which discounts your price on a set number of quarts (a full season is 35 quarts). Pickup and delivery are both options, and most of the soups freeze spectacularly well in this season when guests drop by or feasts need to be saved by pulling a proven winner from your fridge. Think of Knutson as your ringer. Birdsong Soups, 612-669-3480, facebook.com/birdsongsoups

—S. M.