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One Great Plate: Soft-Boiled Eggs

One Great Plate: Soft-Boiled Eggs

Either they are in your breakfast repertoire or they’re not. We call them Scoopy Eggs and eat them at least once a week at home, but soft-boiled eggs can give some people the creeps (I dunno, the runniness?). You haven’t seen the three-minute egg, served in-shell with the crown sliced off, in restaurants very often, but that’s changing fast. The Lynn has a most beautifully classic set-up that includes two eggs and a pile of “soldiers,” which are crisp-fried toast sticks for the dipping. Tilia has smoked them on the brunch menu, serving them with biscuits and gravy. And if you’re ready to tackle them at home, Fresh Tart shows you how.

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